Tororo – Gulu Railway Rehabilitation

The European Union and the Government of Uganda are supporting the development initiative for Northern Uganda through the rehabilitation of Tororo _Gulu railway line Km) that commenced in March 2020 and is expected to be completed on the second half of 2023. The total cost project cost including supervision and resettlement action plan among others, amounts to Euros 47.6 million, of which the Government of Uganda will contribute Euros 26.1 million (113 billion Uganda Shilling) and the European Union Euros 21.5 million (93 billion Uganda Shilling).

The Tororo – Gulu Railway Line will go a long way divert cargo from road to rail and create an alternative mode of transport which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly because of less emission of green gasses . This route will also provide a link between the port of Mombasa and Northern and Eastern Uganda, as well as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.